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    • Lonlonjp… You just make me wake up from my nightmare dream…h0nestly, i really never plaY FFIX yet…but when u play song from FFIX, so very2 touching and moving…. Thanks a lot lonlonjp…greetings from Malaysia(Burst tears out on my eyes) T.T

    • I think your right Kirsten. I have also joined a writing group back home and the first meeting they want to see a sample of my work. I am scared to death, but this is part of the process, right. Good luck with your goals as well. And, showing your work to others at any stage, the idea is more terrifying then the reality, I assure you.

    • A l’enfant Foin ! Foin, du maudit mode de vie *Qui alimente les problèmes ! * (du latin sedentarius, de sedere, être assis) qui m’autorise à « relever » un savoureux pléonasme que je dédie tout naturellement à nos indéboulonnables Aquinze** et lamidcul :Suivez le nomade dans le temps, et assoyez-vous près du sédentaire dans l’espace.** Noter que notre internaute est un irréductible nomade sédentaire…[à l’opposé de ses voisins…et une galette, une ! un naan ! un ! ]

    • Il est considéré comme trop défensif au goût de beaucoup ici.Et puis son comportement sur le cours (en particulier ses come on sur les fautes directes adverses) agace.Je crois qu’il y a aussi un peu de délit de sale gu…le.

    • Masse fine ting pÃ¥ Hviit ja! Jeg har handlet der mange ganger, og flere skal det bli!:) Koselig julestemning her inne hos deg. Vi er ikke helt i rute ennÃ¥, men det kommer seg nok. Det gjør alltid det! Ha fine førjulsdager! God klem fra Heidi

  2. We must not forget that on 14Apr1988 FFG-58 the Samuel B Roberts hit a mine in that same area as per Wikipedia. Why are there not any photos of the tanker damage shown on the Internet? Where is the tanker? Was the M/V tanker Otowasan full of oil and did it continue on it’s journey?

  3. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s helped me a lot.

  4. This was my first experience at having my throat blessed, and it held a personal, healing meaning for me. There were two lines, with the priests holding crossed candles and saying the shorter prayer. I was near the front of a line – they became quite long in no time!


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